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Mini Sclera/Blind Eye

Mini Sclera & Blind Eye Contact Lenses

Mini Sclera/Blind Eye

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Mini Sclera Contact Lenses and Blind Eye Contact Lenses

Welcome to the world’s largest range of mini sclera contact lenses and blind eye contact lenses. Popular among those looking for a more extreme eye transformation than can be achieved with a regular pair of coloured contacts, our mini sclera and blind eye designs our extremely popular among die hard Halloween enthusiasts, professional SFX artists, experienced cosplayers and even TV and movie production companies.

Headlined by our bestselling white, black and red block colours, our extensive range of mini sclera and blind eye contacts also incorporates a number of movie inspired designs. For example, our hugely popular Nun Mini Scleras Contacts have been painstakingly designed for those looking to recreate makeups and costumes based on the hit movie. Our black mini sclera lenses are another popular choice, ideal for use in Michael Myers makeups and costumes, they feature a black block design and completlely cove your natural iris and pupil.

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