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Honey Contact Lenses & Amber Coloured Contacts

Transform your eyes with a pair of amber or honey contact lenses. With an extensive range of natural, semi-natural, and costume designs that have been colour matched to replicate the luscious natural yellowy, orange, amber, and golden honey-resembling tones found in real-life honey coloured eyes, you will be spoilt for choice.

Rarely seen in humans and often confused for hazel eyes, from which they can be distinguished by their lack of green and red hints as well as their more solid appearance, natural honey eyes are sometimes also described as caramel or amber. Resulting from a melanin deficiency combined with increased levels of lipochrome, despite their scarcity, there are more than a handful of high-profile celebrities that could be described as having honey or amber eyes. Examples include Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and Darren Criss to name just a few.

Our Best Honey Contact Lenses

Natural Honey Contacts

Our extensive range of natural contact lenses incorporates many honey coloured designs but the most popular is our glamour honey contact lenses which feature a warm blend of orange, yellow and golden-brown undertones as well as an enhanced limbal ring to add depth and give the appearance of larger eyes.

Honey UV Contacts

Featuring a mix of honey tones and printed using phosphor-containing dye, our honey UV contacts look striking in natural light and glow brightly under UV/blacklight. Great for replicating the honey-coloured eyes of popular cosplay and Halloween characters, their unique glowing abilities also make them the ideal accessory to wear at nightclubs and music events.

Cosplay Honey Contacts

Featuring a light honey coloured print with an overlaid motif in a darker shade of honey, and a clear circular window to ensure normal vision, our solar honey contacts have been designed with cosplay in mind.

Manufactured in the UK, our multi-lifespan honey coloured contacts have been created with comfort and durability in mind, they, therefore, have a composition of 62% polymacon and 38% water. Sealed in sterile blisters or glass vials, they are sold in pairs as a non-prescription (plano) product and have a lifespan of up to 12 calendar months.