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Buy Demon Contacts Online

Looking for a pair of demon contacts? Our extensive range of Halloween contacts contains an entire sub-category of demon contact lenses. As seen here, it incorporates many generic demon-inspired designs in colors such as red, yellow, and black as well as movie-accurate replicas for demon-themed characters from movies including The Nun (2018), Hellboy (2019), and The Atticus Institute (2015).

Typically personified as supernatural beings with evil intent, demons are prevalent in Abrahamic religions, literature, mythology, and folklore. According to Christian mythology, they are former angels, expelled from heaven for committing sins. Featured extensively in comic books, TV, movies, anime, and video games, demon-inspired costumes, and makeups are a popular theme for Halloween and cosplay enthusiasts, with those looking to stand out also transforming their eyes using demon contact lenses.

Demon contacts to cosplay popular demon characters

One of the most cosplayed demon-like characters for which we stock a pair of suitable demon contact lenses is Anung Un Rama or Hellboy as depicted in the 2019 feature film. Raised among humans and arguably an anti-hero, the red-skinned, ram-horned beast has vibrant yellow eyes which bare an uncanny resemblance to our yellow block contacts. We also stock movie-accurate demon eye contacts like our bestselling Hellraiser contacts which have been designed as a pixel-perfect replication of the eyes of Pinhead, and our Nun contacts which have been modeled on the eyes of Valak, the demonic nun from the 2018 movie. Meanwhile, more generic designs like our Hellfire contacts can be used to replicate the eyes of demons such as the Zarathos-possessed Johnny Blaze AKA Ghost Rider.

Aside from media-derived characters, we have demon contact lenses such as our pair of fiery red, orange, and yellow demon eye contacts, which can be used in a variety of generic or homemade demon costumes. Alternatively, our red cat eye contacts can be used if you are looking to replicate a red-eyed demon with vertical cat-like pupils.

Black demon eye contacts

Stereotypical red and yellow demon eyes aside, there are also many TV, movie, and cartoon depictions of demons with piercing black eyes. For example, demonically possessed Judith Winstead from The Atticus Institute (2015). For these and other black-eyed demon characters, our blackout contacts are a great fit.

What is the difference between devils and demons?

Although often portrayed as one and the same, demons and devils are actually two very different kinds of supernatural beings. The single biggest difference is the fact that there can be many different co-existing demons, but there is only ever one devil, albeit depicted in a variety of different forms. If you’re after a pair of contacts to replicate the eyes of the latter, take a look at our dedicated range of devil contacts.

Soft, safe, and reusable demon colored contacts

As is the case with all the colored contacts we stock at Crazy Lenses, our demon contact lenses are soft lenses with a 38% water content which ensures high levels of comfort and durability. Boasting approval, they’ve been manufactured in the UK and come with a lifespan of up to 12 months. Meanwhile, our demon contacts also come with a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.