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Zombie Makeup Kits For Halloween

Looking for a basic zombie makeup kit, zombie face paint, or some 3D zombie prosthetics? At, Crazy Lenses, we stock the world’s most extensive range of zombie-inspired makeup, fake blood, 3D SFX prosthetics, latex wounds, and rotten flesh, as well as temporary tattoos, zombie nails, and zombie contact lenses, so you will quite literally be spoiled for choice.

AMC’s Walking Dead is undoubtedly the no1 inspiration for zombie makeups and costumes at Halloween. With this in mind, we’ve built up a huge range of Walking Dead makeup and accessories, such as the officially licensed Walking Dead Makeup kit and fake wound appliances from Trick Or Treat Studios. Meanwhile, products like the Woochie Undead makeup stack and Tinsley Transfers Dead Flesh Body Paint are ideal for creating zombie makeups inspired by films like Patient Zero, Day Of The Dead, Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, The Crazies, and World War Z.

Latex Zombie Flesh & Zombie Prosthetics

Not satisfied with makeup alone? We also have an extensive range of peel and stick 3D zombie flesh appliances, prosthetics, wounds, and injuries from professional SFX brands such as Tinsley Transfers, Woochie, and Trick Or Treat Studios.