Activated White Byakugan Contact Lenses (Hinata)

Activated White Byakugan Contact Lenses (Hinata)

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Activated White Byakugan Contact Lenses (Hinata)
Activated White Byakugan Contact Lenses (Hinata)
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Obsessed with Naruto? Designed to replicate the Byakugan dojutsus or ninja eye technique from Naruto’s Otsutsuki and Hyuga clans, our Byakugan contacts are the latest addition to our extensive range of Naruto contacts which already boasts an entire sub-category of Sharingan contacts. They are a must-have for those looking to cosplay characters such as Toneri Otsutsuki, Urashiki Otsutsuki, Hinata Hyuga, and Neji Hyuga among others

One of nine dojutsus featured within the Japanese manga series, the Byakugan gives users a near 360-degree path of vision around themselves with its only weakness being a small blind spot on the back of the neck. Additionally, it gives users the ability to see through almost any object including through walls, underground, and even into the body of opponents. Its strongest user is Kaguya who also has the power to see through an opponent's chakra.

Intend for use in replicating the Byakugan as depicted when activated our Byakugan contact lenses feature a vibrant white design with intricate black detailing and a clear circular pupil. Meanwhile, for those looking to replicate the Byakugan in its inactive form (all-white and pupil-free), our bestselling blind white contact lenses are a pixel-perfect solution.

Made in the UK and printed using vibrant white and pure black dye, our Byakugan eye contacts have been scientifically formulated to provide exceptional comfort and durability. Composed of 38% water and 62% polymacon, they come in saline-solution filed plastic blisters or glass vials and have a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.

Comfort & Durability

Quality Guarantee

Upto 12 Month Life-Span

Made In The UK

Safe & Sterile

Word's No1 Brand

More Information
Life Span90 Day
Contents1 Pair (2x lenses)
Material38% Water & 62% Polymacon

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